About Russ Orhii

Fueled by passion and ambition, I have chosen fitness as the road to my personal growth and as the medium to help others. Texas is where I call home, being born in San Antonio and having lived in Houston for the past 13 years. My interest in fitness started at a very early age; I remember watching anime and being impressed with the character's physiques. Every morning I would wake up at the crack of dawn to bust out 100 push-ups and sit-ups in hopes of developing a physique like the ones of my favorite anime characters.

Over time I came to adopt football as my physical outlet and source of motivation to workout. I let the sport consume me and my identity, leaving me lost when I could not play my junior year of high school after suffering a devastating knee injury. I later returned to football in college and made the team at Texas Tech University. I ultimately decided that my path was not going to be defined by hash marks, turf, and an oval shaped ball of air.

My true passion had become motivating others by my words and actions through physical-activity. Since then I have challenged myself by competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. I started a YouTube channel to document my fitness progress in hopes of inspiring others to get up and do something that will make them better, be it inside or outside the gym. My ultimate goal is to create a positive community where individuals feel empowered to tackle any obstacle life has to throw at them.

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